Derek Wong, DDS

Dr. Derek Wong is proud to be a dentist but is even prouder to be a native San Mateo resident serving his community! Born and raised in San Francisco, Dr. Wong moved to San Carlos/San Mateo and attended elementary school through high school where he graduated from Junipero Serra High, Home of the Padres!

After high school, Dr. Wong attended the University of California at San Diego where he graduated with a Bachelors of Science in General Biology. Knowing full well that he wanted to be a dentist (even in high school), Dr. Wong then attended New York Univerisity where he graduated with his Doctorate of Dental Surgery (D.D.S) in 2010. He then participated in a dental residency program at the Albert Einstein/Montefiore Hospital in the Bronx, New York. There, Dr. Wong was able to provide treatment to the under served communities of the Bronx while honing his dental skills and treating unique and difficult cases.

After his tenure in New York, Dr. Wong returned to his home state of California. There, he practiced for 6 years working under the tutelage of other mentor doctors in Oakland and San Rafael before settling in his hometown of San Mateo and opening his own practice.

When he’s not taking care of patients, Dr. Wong loves to enjoy his music. From his vintage record collection to taking in a concert or 10, Dr. Wong listens to all genres of music. From blues, to jazz, to classic rock, to classical, opera, you name it, he’s heard it. Dr. Wong also loves his local sports. He was raised a Giants, Niners, and Warriors fan but also roots for all the Bay Area teams (Raiders, A’s, Sharks). An avid “foodie,” Dr. Wong loves to try out interesting new cuisines ranging from fine dining to the newest hole in the wall. If you’ve got recommendations, let him know!

But most of all, Dr. Wong prides himself on being a normal person, not necessarily a Doctor. His ultimate goal is take care of his patients’ dental needs but he loves to interact with his people and share life stories. Part of why Dr. Wong got into dentistry is because he enjoys the relationships and bonds that can be formed within the dental setting. If you are seeing Dr. Wong every six months (as you should!), it makes it very easy to keep in touch and catch up on life. And if he is seeing your husband, your wife, your children, your friends, co-workers, the communal fabric built into the dental office is one that he loves to maintain.

So if you’ve got questions about dentistry or the office, don’t hesitate to ask! Dr. Wong tries to be as accessible to his patients as possible! He loves his work!


Treatment Coordinator

Bio – Coming Soon.



Please welcome to the office, Ann, our new hygienist! Ann has been in the dental industry for over 10+ years starting out as an assistant, then registered dental assistant, and finally taking the big bite to become a dental hygienist. Ann and Dr. Wong have known each other since 2011 when they first started to work at an office in Oakland. Now, Ann and Dr. Wong have linked back up to work together again, just like old times!

When Ann isn’t spending time with the love of her life (her son), she’s out dancing, traveling, or hanging out on the ocean/beaches. She loves to eat (the second love of her life is Gordon Ramsay) and is always up for trying new cuisines. Fun fact: Ann ALSO graduated beauty school and it shows 🙂

Ann loves to meet new patients so don’t be shy, say hi!


Lead Dental Assistant

Welcome to the office our newest dental assistant, Mr. Erik Molano! Erik is from Hayward and previously worked in the retail world. His interest in dentistry stems from his father who has worked in the dental field for his entire adult life. His father even makes retainers in his own lab for Dr. Wong! Erik is a self proclaimed “sneakerhead” (like our previous assistant Rondale) so make sure you check out what nice sneakers he’s sporting during your next visit.

Despite his youthful appearance, Erik is quite knowledgeable about music history with his favorites ranging from Michael Jackson, John Mayer, Maroon 5, to Motown, and hip-hop artists like Juice Wrld (may he rest in peace).

Though he SHOULD be a Bay Area sporting fan, his allegiances lie in TEXAS. Yes, TEXAS. Like, Dallas Cowboys, Texas. I’ll let you ask him about that when you see him.

Erik calls himself a “cinema enthusiast.” His favorte movies include: Pulp Fiction, Goodfellas, The Godfather Trilogy, A Nightmare on Elm Street, and Roman Holiday. When he has time, he enjoys producing short films with his cousin. Erik admires the work that goes into film making, from the cinematography, to the acting, to the set designs/production.

Erik likes to spend time with his family, traveling all the way to Modesto and Gilroy to hang out with his other siblings. Erik is looking forward to a new career path in dentistry and we’re glad to have him! Welcome Erik!


Former Lead Dental Assistant

Doctor (yes, doctor) Rondale Asopardo is the newest addition to our practice. Taking over for our beloved and departed Chiaki (who is attending dental school), Rondale adds a lot of dental experience to the office. And yes, you read that right. Rondale is a licensed dentist in the Philippines and practiced for many years, focusing on outreach projects to help those less fortunate on the islands. Rondale is actually a native to the Americas. He was raised in South San Francisco, but chose to seek out dentistry in the Philippines. After practicing for many years in his home country, he decided to return to the US to help take care of his family, which is of utmost importance to him. He aspires to get his US dental license, like Chiaki, but for now he has joined our team to to keep his hands fresh while he plots his future.

When Rondale isn’t working for us, he loves his Golden State Warriors and anything basketball. While being halfway around the world in the Philippines, Rondale never stopped loving the game that he grew up with. He also enjoys being a “sneakerhead,” which means that he enjoys collecting and sporting the hottest and rarest basketball sneakers around (little known fact, Dr. Wong is also a “sneakerhead). Rondale loves watching movies, TV series’ (Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones), and he loves R&B/Hip-Hop of the 90’s and 2000’s.


Former Assistant

Chiaki comes to us by way of Tokyo, Thailand, Monterey, San Diego (UCSD Alum like Dr. Wong!), and has finally settled into the Bay Area! But not for long, hopefully! Chiaki is an aspiring dentist who is currently in his application cycle for school and aiming to enter the upcoming year. In the meantime, he is helping Dr. Wong with all the auxiliary functions of a Lead Dental Assistant and honing his dental expertise even before school starts! When Chiaki isn’t busy working, you’ll find him watching hours of Soccer, dancing to House Music, or playing his jazz trumpet! Say “Hi!” to this young future dentist when you see him!