The Next Step…

The Next Step…

Hi everyone, I survived my dental admissions test! In fact, I got a score in the ~99th percentile of all the people that took the test! But as relieved as I am, the actual application for dental schools is now coming up and I’ve had few thoughts lingering in my brain. I don’t know if most people have these types of moments but when it comes to finally actually committing to something so great, I was daunted. I was recently thinking about the huge loans I’m going to be taking on, the four years of life spent on just studying while my friends are traveling and exploring other cool new things, if I’m competent enough to be a dentist, and so on. But I guess this is life and you just have to put your foot in the door and start! I’ve been working towards getting into dental school since high school, I love working as a dental assistant right now, there are lots of job opportunities and I probably know more about the dental business than half the people applying to dental school, so I have convinced myself (not forcefully!) that I will be happy and successful in dentistry. Moreover, I’m writing my personal statement and my main point is that I am trying to be a dentist to serve the people who don’t have access to dental care. People with insurances that aren’t accepted in many offices, people who don’t have dentists near them and people who simply can’t afford dental care are the people I want to help the most because those are the people who really do appreciate your services (by the way, take note, the better you make your dentist or anyone helping you feel, the better they’re going to treat you.) Not only am I helping people, people are helping me feel good about what I can contribute to a community. How cool is that? So I may have had small doubts in my mind but I think that was important for me to really be happy with my choices I am making right now. Now excuse me while I go write my personal statement.

Thanks, Chiaki Asahara



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