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Hello again! I hope we’ve met and had a good chat about dentistry or school while in the office. If not, I hope to meet you soon!

Right now, I’m in the process of preparing for dental school applications. Dental schools have rigorous standards but I feel that what I have, and can, accomplish in the next year will prepare me for the challenge of dental school (my high school calling). My grades in college were average at best, admittedly, so I am working as a dental assistant to learn about the everyday in’s and out’s of running a practice like Dr. Wong does. I am also studying for the DAT’s (Dental Admissions Test) which can make up for my below-average grades in college. Even though going to dental school has been my goal throughout my educational career, it becomes hard to study for this test at times. I wanted to become a dentist to talk to people and work with my hands to help people, not to study books and look things up on the computer. It feels more like a battle of persistence which is required to go through the challenges in dental school. I love science and its power to solve problems and build imagination, but studying for this test has become trying at times.

Sometimes I will tell my patients some of the rigors I am going through and they are very encouraging of my pursuit. They think it’s awesome that I am trying to become a dentist and that I am trying to learn inside the dental office before going to school. These patients also often compliment me on my work ethic, which in turn, makes me want to work harder to achieve my goals. Everyone in the dental office also knows my plans and are very supportive so it makes my life through this process a lot easier. The environment in the office is part of why I want to become a dentist. I hope that I can work hard and get through dental applications in peace. Hopefully, I can give back to the people by becoming not only a good dentist but a good person to them as well.



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