I’m Back Everyone!

I’m Back Everyone!

Hi folks! Sorry for my brief absence from blogging. I was focusing on my dental school applications and writing my personal statement, which took longer than I thought. Writing my personal statement was difficult because there are so many experiences and things I want to talk about but I had to only pick a few short anecdotes. But that daunting task is now finished and I hope to regularly update you all on my dental explorations in the office. In fact, some exciting things have been happening in our office during my blog hiatus. After attending the big dental conference that happened in SF recently, we’ve upgraded some of our equipment in the office!

The biggest addition is a brand new operatory chair. It looks nice, feels nice, and it makes one of our operating rooms much cleaner. This doesn’t make the patient experience too different but we are really excited about the new chair since there we had a broken one there for a while. Another big change is our new x-ray unit. This new system emits less radiation than the one we currently have and is portable so it’ll make taking x-rays safer and faster for all of us! And the last new thing I want to mention is the DryShield system that Dr. Wong purchased. This is our new suction system that uses the now popular isolation system that retracts the tongue and cheeks away from the drill while suctioning all the water.

Patients have been saying that the system is comfortable and it’s making our job so much easier so we are happy to incorporate this new technology into the office! We got more new products from the conference that we are using in the office now but I just wanted to mention some of the bigger changes that patients will start to notice.

If you haven’t come to the office in a while, come in and check out all our upgrades! I’m looking forward to seeing you in the office and getting back to writing blog updates for you all!



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