Chiaki’s Farewell Entry

Chiaki’s Farewell Entry

Hello Patients of Dr. Wong!

Recently, I finished my final day of work, started my transition to becoming a dental student, and I couldn’t be more excited! But before I leave, I wanted to say goodbye to all of the patients who have been so kind and supportive to me over the years. With my goodbye, I wanted to leave you with some final thoughts:

I’ve seen on YouTube a lot of videos about philosophers and their negative views on life. But it’s no wonder why they have such negative outlooks. A lot of them grew up in poverty, were abused, and/or were strained by society. So to lessen this type of sadness in humanity, I want to encourage you, the reader, to be nicer and be more genuine to others. I say this because life can be a struggle and you’re free to live it however you like. But it’s helping each other and being honest to yourself that will ultimately lead to your happiness (at least in my opinion). I know that Dr. Wong, Annie and I have always tried to embrace this philosophy and it has made our office a more wholesome and friendly environment than a typical place of work. And if you think you’re too shy for that kind of generosity and social interaction, just remember that even the smallest of conversations or “thank you’s” can make someone’s day much better. Sometimes it doesn’t but it’s the thought that counts!

With that said, I would like to say one final goodbye and thank you again for the awesome experiences I’ve gained at the office. I will make use of what I have learned here and do my share in making the world a better place. Thank You, and I wish you all the best.



Chiaki Asahara



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